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PRESENTATION MARKETING If YOU are interested in expansion of commodity markets, wish to create a regional marketing network, have the competitive goods of Open Company " " offers YOU remote selection of the business partner by a method of " Presentation Marketing " and optimum tactics of an output(exit) on the market of Kazakhstan. The complex of actions for realization of Presentation Marketing on search and selection of business potential partners consists of the following stages: 1. Pilot marketing. At the given stage database () - the list of the Kazakhstan companies adequate(answering) to the basic requirements of a business portrait of your potential partner is formed. it is made of the various help data, the information in MASS-MEDIA and the Internet, internal to base .. ., without additional actualization. The information information(inquiry) on region with a tentative estimation of perspectivity of the project is given. 2. Telemarketing - Telephone the Kazakhstan companies on the preliminary database made during pilot marketing. At the given stage actualization of the available data is made, the information on the companies is supplemented, unnecessary addresses are eliminated. Then the output(exit) on the person accepting the decision is carried out (usually it is the head of the company, ., the chief of a department of purchases, the commodity researcher, the manager on purchases), is given brief to the information on your company and your offer. We receive answers to questions of the questionnaire "Telemarketing" and we fix time meetings in the company. 3. Presentation marketing (). includes realization of a preliminary meeting - presentations with the companies of the Kazakhstan which have shown interest during telemarketing, selection of the companies the most interesting as the potential partner. During a meeting in detail we explain essence of your offer, we show the presentation materials, available samples of the goods, and also we spend acquaintance with conditions of cooperation. Thus, the script of negotiations - presentations is made so that to receive the argued opinion on each item(point) of the offer. Results of negotiations are fixed according to items(points) of the questionnaire " Presentation marketing " and are given you. Presentation marketing - the most effective direct advertising with an establishment of a feedback between you and clients, with an estimation of the attitude(relation) of potential partners to your offer. On the basis of the received results you carry on negotiations with the companies interested in teamwork and stipulate concrete conditions of cooperation. All received information allows you weighed to make the decision on methods of work in the market of Kazakhstan, to develop price and a policy(politics), to define(determine) optimum channels of distribution of production. In most cases, after realization , contracts subscribe for delivery or dealer cooperation. You can direct the application for services of Presentation marketing to us with the help of the below-mentioned form, and our managers in the near future will communicate c you for specification of details. Also you can address on E-mail:; or by the phone +7 278 44 13
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