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Services ММЦ "Алматы" - Open Company " АлматыЭкспертиза "


  • Drafting of business-plans, including extended marketing analysis;
  • Execution of marketing researches and drafting of analytical reviews of the market;
  • Search and selection of trading and industrial partners;
  • Execution of presentation marketing;
  • Services on search for regional distributor;
  • Service of


  • Inspection of received goods of national consumption, raw materials, machines and equipment by quantity, quality and completeness, and also on condition of their marking and packing. The inspection reports, issued by «AlmatyExpertise» LTD, serve as the basic documents entitling customer to declare the claim to suppliers (consignors, insurance and transport companies) on shortage, incompleteness and inadequate quality of goods. Inspection reports also are used during adjudication at court, correction of payments at customs registration and transaction passport data, for accounting of actual entry of goods.
  • Preshipping inspection of consignment sent for export and inside Kazakhstan by quantity and/or quality, completeness before the beginning or during the shipment to transportation means from warehouse territory, railway station, auto terminal, airport and etc. Depending on purposes of inspection execution, designated by Customer, in full volume or selectively conformity of goods to requirements of contract/agreement and commodity accompanying documents is checked by quantity and quality. By request of Customer packing and marking of goods can be checked up.
  • Independent estimation of inventory holdings quality on balance of the enterprise, partially or completely damaged at realization, storage, obsolete, working life of which has expired or expires in the near future, in case of overstocking of warehouse owing to weak selling and etc. Given conclusion is a substantiation of the actual size of price-reduction or withdrawals of inventory holdings.
  • Inspection of goods origin with issue to customer (exporter) of the certificate of goods origin (CO) under form ST-1, A, Original and report on goods origin executed at state authorized body. CO is necessary for reception of preferences (privileges) on payment of customs payments in territory of import, and also for acknowledgement of the country of manufacturing.
  • Identification of goods with defining of codes under the Commodity classification of foreign trade activity (CC FTA).
  • Inspection of counterfeit production on the basis of which manufacturers, sellers and suppliers of original production can protect their economic interests by making claim, including via court, on compensation of damage (of lost profits) to the persons, who manufacture or realize counterfeit production.
  • Inspection of goods quality in view of warranty period of service (validity), deterioration and technical condition.
  • Selection of commodity samples for researches in the accredited laboratories for issue of certificate of goods quality (on conformity with GOST, OST, TC and other ND).
  • Inspection of goods with issue of consultation report for settling disputes between domestic economic entities (when claim is not presented to foreign supplier)
  • Inspection of goods at warehouse for defining quality and quantity of goods inside container (pallets, cases, boxes, bags).


  • Executes independent estimation of:
    • operating enterprises (businesses);
    • objects of immovable (including lands);
    • paper holdings (stock certificates, bond certificates, mortgage certificates and etc);
    • machines and equipment;
    • transportation means;
    • loss of goods at its damage;
    • non-material actives and objects of intellectual property;
    • at transfer of estimation objects as deposit to nominal capitals and funds of legal persons;
    • at definition of estimation objects cost with a view of their privatization, transfer to confidential management or transfer to rent;
    • at using estimation objects as deposit;
    • also as the mortgage at hypothecary crediting of physical and legal persons;
    • at division of property;
    • defines market average cost of goods in case of purchase and sale, confiscation, elimination and etc;

  • Also:
    • executes analysis of efficiency of actives management;
    • executes reassessment of fixed assets and obligations of enterprises in connection with transition to MSFO;
    • executes monitoring of business projects;
    • estimates efficiency of investment and innovative projects;
    • defines market average cost of goods imported and exported out of customs territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
    • executes inspection at defining actuality of price of exported goods which is pointed in price-list of manufacturer.


  • on development of contracts, constituent and other documents;
  • on carrying out legal inspection of documents;
  • on registration, rewriting and liquidation of legal persons;


  • Consultation-informational services within developing and implementation of quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards requirements:
    • analysis of existing quality management system (QMS);
    • consultation-methodological assistance in developing and implementation of QMS in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards requirements;
    • developing of documentation in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards requirements;
    • consultation-methodological and practical assistance in conducting internal audits of QMS;;
    • training organizations for certification audit of QMS and support during its conducting
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